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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Looking forward to 2014

And thus 2013 has turned from 'is' to 'was'....
Cherish the joys, however small, you had in 2013.....
Forget the failures, pains, disappointments 2013 gave you......learn and grow strong from them.......

In 2014,

Read more, at least one book every month
Learn something new
Work hard
Spend money wisely
Listen to music
Travel and see new lands
Pray, pray, pray....

May God keep you healthy.......!!!

Wish all my friends a wonderful New Year 2014....
And, being an Indian Public Sector banker, my additional wish-points are:
May the NPA woes ease out
May my Bank's market capitalization jump & it become the numero uno Bank by value in India
May our salaries get a raise! [wink, wink!!]