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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Timeless....but attempting to restart!

There was a time when there was time in one's hands - one could talk for hours on end with friends sitting in front of you or at the other end of the mobile, one could listen to one's fav compositions without any fear of time being lost and most importantly, one could spend as much time as one wanted to dig out the necessary info for one's blogpost and post a post. Wah!! Kya times dhe woh!! But now, 3 months into the first job, yours truly is truly bewildered by the pace at which time is flying away. Yours truly is horrified to find no blogposts being made for a considerable period of time. Most importantly, this blog has completed a year, but there's no time to review and ruminate about the same either!
Rupee continues to rise, stock markets are dancing to some unknown tunes, inflation is low but still a threat, elections to ICWAI council are over with not much noise after that, the government is dilly-dallying with the N-deal, attacks against Reliance Fresh stores in some parts of the country, everything in Kerala is worse than ever, ARR's 'Sivaji' music continues to rock and he completed 15 years in the industry - but, this blog missed all those.....
But now, an attempt is being made from today - to rejuvenate this blog and to continue my ruminations on issues that interest me......